4/15/20 — Bad Times + Good Reflections = The Best Lessons

Every good leader leads with somewhat of a limp. This is because we all get knocked down a few times over the course of our life.

However, it is through the adversity, failure, and difficult seasons that we learn how to get back up and do it differently next time. The point of failure is not to keep getting back up and trying again. The point of failure is to teach us lessons, so that we can actually succeed when we do try again.

There are times in all of our lives and leadership that are more difficult than others. Some are self inflicted. Others are wounds and scars that we receive from others along the way. But each one is invaluable. Each season is priceless. These are the seasons that make us who we are in the present. These are the seasons that allow us to lead even better.

The recipe for learning and growing through difficult seasons is simple:

Bad Times + Good Reflections = The Best Lessons

Take some time to sit in your bad times. Take some time to reflect on the harder seasons. Take some time for yourself to write down what you learned through the hardship.

Those will be your best lessons for the future.