4/21/20 — 5 Ways to Lead Yourself Right Now

Leading yourself is not mandatory. You will have authority just by having a title and a position over others. However, leading yourself well first will make you a leader that other people go from tolerating to wanting to be like. When you lead yourself first, others will be more willing to follow your leadership.

Here are 5 ways to lead yourself well right now.

ONE: Be healthy spiritually

If you are in a healthy place spiritually, then you lead from a full cup. This will be evident in how you present yourself, the words you use, how secure you are in your leadership identity, the lack of the fear of man in your life, etc.

TWO: Be healthy physically

Every single day you have an opportunity to talk yourself out of exercise and eating dessert. Dessert is awesome. But you have to earn it. Leaders who lead themselves physically will be an example in self discipline and delayed gratification. Who you are in public is all about the work you do in private.

THREE: Be healthy emotionally

An emotionally healthy leader is a breathe of fresh air to the people she leads. Keep learning who you are emotionally. What is more, continue to learn why you are the way you are emotionally. Your life map will bring to light how you are wired, but your steadfastness emotionally will keep you leading when things are good and when they are hard.

FOUR: Be healthy socially

Learn who you are socially by defining your relational triage. In other words, the center of the bull’s eye are the people in your inner circle. This is family, mentors, and close friends. These are what I call, “green light relationships.” The second ring are the people in your life currently that give you life, you’re investing in and developing, and are more than acquaintances. This could be people in different spaces of your life. They are true friends, but they are not your inner circle. The third ring is for acquaintances and long distance friends. Keep up with your friends from past seasons of life, but don’t stretch yourself to thin socially. The healthy leader is someone who understands his social circles and balances them well.

FIVE: Be healthy financially

Continue to work to be in a healthy financial place in your life. Leaders who are not healthy financially are leaders with anxiety. If you are in lots of debt, you are a slave to your lenders. A healthy leader is someone who is healthy financially, is not tied to anyone, and has a game plan for proactive and reflexing generosity, while also having the margin in their lives to do more for themselves, their family, their neighbors, and others.