Weekly Entre

Informative Weekly Gospel Fuel for Your Life, Work, Ministry, and Business

Weekly Entre is a ministry of G2 PROJECTS. Greg defines gospel entrepreneurship as giving your life to start churches, businesses, and ministries that 1) bring glory to God; 2) advance the local mission (Great Commandment) and global mission (Great Commission) of Jesus; and 3) bring about common good around the world.

Weekly Entre will serve as Monday motivation and informative fuel for what God has already called you to do.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

-Jim Elliot


4/8/20 — What is Gospel Entrepreneurship?
4/9/20 — How to Win at Business and Life (The Discipline Principle)
4/10/20 — Good Leaders Don’t Overreact to Short-Term Results
413/20 — The 20-Mile March
4/14/20 — 4 Types of Leadership for Difficult Times
4/15/20 — Bad Times + Good Reflections = The Best Lessons
4/21/20 — 5 Ways to Lead Yourself Right Now
5/4/20 — How to Flourish in the Gap