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[G2 PROJECTS] is the home of the leadership of Greg Gibson. As an entrepreneurial and adventure addict, Greg lives and breathes most confidently in front of a white board and mountain range. Fluent in the game of basketball, Greg has given way too much money to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with 3 degrees to tote. But forever most importantly, his greatest passion is the advancement of the gospel, and his greatest accomplishment is being married to Grace and being the father of two incredible children — Cora & Iver. They live in Knoxville, TN.


CHURCH PLANTING: Greg’s greatest passion will always be the primacy of the local church. Greg has 10+ years of experience in church planting and starting 501c3 non-profit ministries. [LEARN MORE]

BUSINESS: With the belief that business brings about common good, it is Greg’s hope that the businesses we start and the business that we do bring goodness, truth, and beauty to the world. [LEARN MORE]

RESOURCES: One of Greg’s greatest passions is helping others flourish in their leadership, family, and business. Because of this, Greg has authored several books and has produced other content towards that end. [LEARN MORE]

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